Yarra Pools - User Needs Analysis - Stage 1
Not-for-profit Yarra Pools is conducting a user needs analysis to understand the current and future needs of:
- existing users of Enterprize Park, the Turning Basin and the CBD reaches of the Yarra River; and
- future users and those who may be affected should the site be transformed into a community facility that can accommodate swimming, bathing and other recreational uses.

The goal of the user needs analysis is to uncover, explore and validate the project’s design principles, gather ideas from key stakeholders and ensure any proposed facility meets the needs of the community, can be used throughout the year, and maximises value for Melburnians.

The entire user needs process will take approximately 6 months and will be conducted in multiple stages.

Stage 1 of the process will take approximately 3 months and is focused on ‘peak bodies’ which represent potential and current site users. Approximately 30 peak bodies have been approached for input ranging from Life Saving Victoria to disability action groups, social and environmental groups, education providers, tourism bodies and community facility operators.

During this stage we are simply seeking free text responses to a small selection of high level strategic questions (see below). Responses can be as detailed or as simple as you feel is appropriate.

Before answering the questions it is recommended that you read the accompanying project summary document which details the broader project goals and context, site history, global information around urban waterway swimming and provides some ideas of what could be possible at the site.

The results of Stage 1 will be summarised in a report and provided back to respondents.
Following the completion of Stage 1, more detailed questionnaires will be targeted at user groups and the community based on initial findings.

A series of community and stakeholder workshops which further test the design principles are planned for early 2018 along with a series of design studios where these concepts are further refined and visualised.

Preferred concepts will then be further refined and delivery models will then progress through to a detailed business case which tests appropriate governance structures, funding sources and ongoing operational arrangements.

If you have any questions about the process feel free to contact Michael O’Neill michael@yarrapools.com at any stage.

Responses are required by COB 13 October.

Thank you for your time and look forward to working with you as the project develops.
Tell us a little about your organisation and the people it represents/serves? This could include broad demographics, membership numbers in Victoria/Melbourne, existing facilities or activities throughout the state?

What are the most pressing challenges your organisation is currently facing e.g. where are you member needs not being met and why?

Referring to the information pack and picturing the existing site at Enterprize Park and the Turning Basin how do you think the site could best be improved to activate the area and encourage the community to visit?

Based on your answer to question 3, what facilities would users need to attract them to the facility and meet their needs while they are there? 

Imagining there was an aquatic facility and associated infrastructure/facilities that you’ve listed above located by the Yarra, who do you think would use the facility, what for and when? Think about passive (e.g. sitting by the river) and active (e.g. lap swimming, bike riding) recreation activities, community events and the time of day and throughout the year (e.g. winter vs summer use). 

How might a facility like this help your organisation achieve some of your strategic goals? If so which ones?

Are there any key barriers or existing site constraints that need to be considered as the concept develops? 

If there was one thing Yarra Pools could do to get your organisation to publicly support the project what would that be?

Do you have any further comments, information, or thoughts you would like to add?

Please provide a contact name, email address and organisation name *

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